Almanac is for everyone. While we seek to create product with purpose, we do not seek to define who wears our product, why they purchase, or what they can accomplish with their item. Many of the fundamental thoughts that have built Almanac come from our experiences in diverse cultures across the planet. We look to celebrate cultural diversity and promote empathy by rst educating ourselves and then relaying our learnings to others, bridging the divides of opinion, distance, language, and color in the process. Almanac was founded on relationships and is built to encourage more.


Environments set the stage for our life experiences. Through our segmentation and organization of climates, we created a structure and format to continue exploring and researching the planet. Understanding that every environment is a living ecosystem, we strive to be in tune with this evolution, traveling to witness the changes and challenges faced by those who inhabit all parts of the earth: learning from them to inform our products and pass on our findings.


Almanac makes tools to help its users go about their day, whatever that may entail. We design with intent to integrate elegance and utility, understanding that each are often by-products of the other. We weigh the contribution of each object we make with its impact on both humans and environments. As an emerging brand in an industry with a history of waste and pollution, we seek to move away from the sentiment of doing less bad and push the industry to do more good.