Gwynne Sound is a multi-faceted recording studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2017, Dan Carruthers and his team acquired the studio. Their vision was to build on the studio’s storied past while “moving the needle” forward. As part of this vision, I was hired as part of Tricycle Collective (comprised of Danny Chambers, Bryce Wong, and myself) to brand the studio to fit the progressive vibe.

The Gwynne building, home to Gwynne Sound, was commissioned by Alice Claypoole Vanderbilt, former matriarch of the Vanderbilt family. She erected the building in the name of her Father, Evan Gwynne, a judge in Cincinnati. Completed in 1914, the building is an example  of the Beaux-Arts architectural style, featuring classical decorative elements and Art Nouveau metal work. We took this research and combined it with what we heard from the studio team to develop three aesthetic avenues to ideate on.

Contemporary Classical

On Site