The Fall/Winter 2018 collection is my favorite that I have worked on. We designed the Trail Runner High and Low, a trail-running inspired silhouette that uses 100% biological materials. My favorite thing about this shoe is that it is the only gooyeaer welted sneaker I have ever come across. To achieve this the leather midsole is carved out in the middle and replaces with lighter and more flexible cork. A tried and true Vibram trekking outsole was sourced for the bottom of the shoe for superior traction and durability on any surface.

In my opinion the most interesting thing in the collection is the material sourcing we did for the Hand Sewn High and Low Raw White. The upper is made of a custom-designed semi-cordovan suede we made in collaboration with one of our Italian tanneries. The skins started undyed and then were lightly hand painted with white paint. The more the user wears their shoes, the more the natural leather comes through. The midsole and pull tabs utilizes the Collagen layer underneath the leather. This material is usually a bi-product of making leather but we chose to utilize it for its transparency, durability (it feels like rubber), and water resistance.

We also cut away part of the outsole on FEIT’s classic boots to reveal the bamboo shank that stabilizes most of the brand’s shoes. For the womens collection, we added more handsewn detailing to bring more attention to the high skill needed to hand-sew a shoe from start to finish.