Author:  James Gall
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6/23/16  10:33 AM

The Macintosh 128k, released in 1984, was the first computer to successfully integrate a graphic user interface. Developers created what’s called a “desktop metaphor” in which the computer monitor mimiced the user’s physical desk. The GUI was successful because the 128k was introduced in an era where many people had never seen, used, or interacted with a computer before. This “desktop metaphor” created a more seamless transition from the analog to the digital realm.

Today, humanity is spending 7+ hours per day using digital technology. A recent study by Common Sense Media revealed that younger generations are spending about 9 hours a day on their smartphones alone. With the average time awake being 16 hours per day, humans are spending over half of their total time awake in front of a screen. With technological advancement increasing at an exponential rate, humankind can be expected to get only more engulfed in the digital world.